Synchronizing Tour with timr

Note: The Tour/timr Integration is currently available as Public Beta. 

By synchronizing Tour with timr you can save all trips that you have tracked with Tour automatically. 

This entails the following functions:

  • Analyses of your trips with GPS track
  • Creating PDF reports of your trips
  • Excel and CSV export of your trips
  • Automatic saving of your trips

At the moment the Tour App is available as Public Beta and will be continually improved and further developed. 


If you don't already have a timr account you can create an account now


1. Connecting Tour to timr 

1.1. timr Cloud Sync

In order to integrate Tour in timr you activate the timr Cloud Sync in the settings.


1.2. timr account data

Enter your timr identifier, login and password. Then click on "Login". Don't change the Enterprise settings.

1.3. Choose car

Choose the car for which you want to activate the timr Cloud Sync.

Note: As you can use Tour only for one car at the moment, you can also only choose 1 car for the timr Cloud Sync.


1.4. Connect categories

Now you connect your Tour categories with timr categories.

In timr you have the categories "Private" and "Business". When you connect your Tour App with timr you can choose if you want to assign your Tour categories to one of the two existing timr categories or if you want to create a new timr category out of your Tour category. 

Note: You only can create new categories in Tour, you can't create these new categories in timr. 


1.4.1. Connecting existing categories

Connect your Tour categories to one of the timr categories



1.4.2. Creating your own category

This is how you create a new timr category based on the existing Tour category.



1.5. Synchronizing your trips

At last you can decide if your existing Tour mileage log should be synchronized with timr oronly those log entries from now on.


2. Synchronization settings 

If you have activated the timr Cloud Sync for your Tour mileage log Tour will automatically transfer into timr.


You can check if a log entry has been synchronized by looking at the details of the log entry.


2.1.Sync Interval

When you have connected your Tour App with timr your mileage log will be transferred automatically to timr. For this you can set a Sync Interval in the settings. You can decide if Tour should sync as soon as a log entry is completed or if it should sync at a later time.

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