Edit Start/End Place of a Tour

1. Open tour details

In the timeline, just tap on the tour which you'd like to edit.


2. Edit End Place

If your tour was tracked via GPS, Tour will automatically suggest the address of the end place. To edit this address and to select a place at the address, just tap on the address field.



3. Selecting an existing Place

Tour automatically suggests venues at the end address of your tour. To select a suggested venue, simply tap on it. 



4. Editing the Place

To edit the address or the selected venue, tap on the selected address.


You can now edit the address and the name of the place. Just hit the "tick"-symbol once you're finished.



Once you've edited and saved a place, Tour will automatically suggest this place the next time you're arriving nearby this place. 

5. Edit Start Place

The start place will be automatically selected based on the end place of the previous tour. Therefore, you won't have to edit the start place most of the time. However, if you have to, tap "Edit" in the tour details.



This opens the detail screen of a tour. On this screen you can edit the end but also the start place. Tap on "Start" to open the place selection/edit mode for the start place.


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