What to do with "Not recorded"

Tour detects if there is a gap between the odometer of 2 tours. If a tour ends at odometer 1000mi and the next tour starts at 1500mi, Tour shows a gap of 500mi.

There are 3 options what you can do with this gap:

1. Manually creating a tour out of the gap

If you tab on the gap, you can manually create a tour out of this gap.

Start/End Time, Odometer and place will be automatically suggested based on the previous and next tour. You just have to select the category and add a note if you like.


2. Adding the gap to an existing tour

If Tour tracking wasn't precise enough, e.g. because of a tunnel, you can simply add the mileage to the previous or following tour. For example: you arrived at home with Tour end-odometer 1100mi and you stop tracking. The next day you start tracking and you realize that the car odometer shows 1105mi, in this case Tour will create a gap with 5mi. You can add this 5mi to the previous tour to correct the mileage. To do so, activate the merge mode and merge the gap with the previous tour.

3. Keep it "unrecorded"

If you don't track private trips, for example over the weekend, you'll have multiple "Not recorded" gaps in your timeline. That's ok, you can keep them as they are! They will be counted as private trips automatically.

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