FAQ Tour iOS

1) Is it possible to use the Tour app for more than one car?

Using the Tour app for more than one car is on our agenda. At the moment, however, the Tour app can be used for 1 car only. 


2) Is car detection available?

Yes, with Tour iOS you can use an iBeacon for car detection. Placing the beacon in your car the Tour app on your smartphone will only track trips with your car.


3) Is it possible to connect more than one iBeacon with the Tour app?

No, at the moment it is only possible to connect one iBeacon per smartphone.


4) Do I have to buy a new iBeacon if the battery is empty?

No, you can replace the beacon's battery with a new one. 

You'll find instructions on how to do this in our documentation article "Replacing the battery of the iBeacon".

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