Send diagnose info from your iPhone

In order to take a further look at any issues you experience with the Tour iOS app we may need your diagnose info. 


1. Send Diagnose Info

If our support team has asked you to provide more details you can send us this info following these steps:

1.Open the Tour app on your iPhone and enter the "settings" menu.


2.Press on the troii logo on the bottom left side and wait some seconds until the diagnose menu is opened.


3. Now choose "Send Diagnose Data".


NOTE: We recommend to send this via a WiFi connection since this could use some MB of your data plan.

4. Afterwards please send us a short mail at communicating that you have sent the diagnose infos.


2. Enable Diagnose Mode

We may need further infos about an issue with your Tour app and ask you to enable the diagnose mode. In this case enter the settings menu, press on the troii Logo for some seconds and switch the diagnose mode to "On" (move the marker to the right). 



3. Disable Diagnose Mode

If the issue has been resolved you can disable the diagnose mode again. In order to do this enter the settings menu and press on "Disable Diagnose Mode". 


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